May 20,2018

The best littlest comic book show in western Canada.


At the Victoria Comic Book Expo we are always looking for people to join us in the fun world of buying, selling and trading comic books. If interested, but need some help getting started, let me know and can help point you in the right direction.


For the person who has 5-8 long boxes of comics.

$ 35.00

  • 1 Eight foot table
  • 2 chairs
  • Interior or wall layout


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$ 100.00

  • 3 eight foot tables
  • Up to 6 chairs
  • Interior or exterior wall layout

Super Ultimate

For the person who has more comics than Chad or Evan


  • Up to 5 Eight foot table
  • As many chairs as you need
  • Interior or wall layout

Want to exhibit?

Use the contact form below to start the ball rolling. First time exhibitors need to prepay (I will send an invoice through Paypal), but returning exhibitors can pay the day of the expo.