Next expo: August 26,2018 

The best littlest comic book show in western Canada.

Victoria COmfort Inn & conference ctr

3020 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC,V8T 5C7

Welcome to beautiful southern Vancouver Island, located in southwestern British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. We are a quarterly event celebrating the world of sequential art (umm…comic books). Since 2003, the shows have been put on like clockwork and we can’t wait until the next one.

Doors open at 11 AM and the expo runs until 4PM

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free admission
free comics (while they last)
Buy, sell and trade comic books
Victoria Comic Book Expo Store

Enjoy the best
design and garments  combined together

Check out all the designs on hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases, wall art and more. All these can be found at


Local artists wanted 

Every expo we keep a few tables aside for local artists to come and show their wares. It’s a great way to expose your art to the local public and it free.

Recent attendees
 and links

Rachel Smith

Become an exhibitor 

If you have tons of comic books and looking to turn them into cash, then this is the place for you. 
Tables start at $35 CDN each and are 8 feet in length. They come skirted and with 2 chairs each.
Always remember, that other exhibitors can be some of your best customers.

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A few things we’re looking for

We’re always looking for comics to fill in holes and complete runs. If you have any comics, be sure and let us know.

GJ Comics 

Always looking for:
-newer comics
-non superhero graphic novels
-with Franks Frazetta art
-with Michael Turner art

GJ Comics Want List

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