May 20,2018

The best littlest comic book show in western Canada.


Looking for a place that has thousands of comic books for sale in one event. This is it!

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If you have a few comics collecting dust in your closet, there’s no better place to turn them into cash.

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Running out of room for all of your comics, 
turn them into trade credit and purchase new and interesting reading material.

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Trying to find a specific comic with no luck, let our dealers loose on the project. Traveling around western Canada, they’re bound to find what your looking for.

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March 4
May 20
August 26
December 2

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Comfort Inn and Conference Centre

3020 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC,V8T 5C7

Welcome to beautiful southern Vancouver Island, located in southwestern British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. We are a quarterly event celebrating the world of sequential art (umm…comic books). Since 2003, the shows have been put on like clockwork and we can’t wait until the next one.

Victoria Comic Book Expo Store

Enjoy the best
design and garments  combined together

Check out all the designs on hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases, wall art and more. All these can be found at


Local artists wanted 

Every expo we keep a few tables aside for local artists to come and show their wares. It’s a great way to expose your art to the local public and it free.

Recent attendees
 and links

Rachel Smith

Our Awesome Team

Have lots of comics in your collection. You can turn them into cash by buying and selling at one of our expos. Tables are $35 per 8 foot table. If you need any help getting started or not sure of anything involved, be sure to ask.

Glen Jack

Founder and organizer

Comic book aficionado that busily puts togethor the VCBE (previously the VCBS). One of the largest sellers on Atomic Avenue.

Atomic Avenue

Chad S

Jiggly Pig Comics

Just some Canadian schlub who sells comic books. Instagram @jigglypig. My nephews rock. His words.

Jiggly Pig Comics

Evan C

Canadian Comics . Net

Evan has been a lifelong collector and has over 25 years experience in the comics industry as a professional buyer and seller.

Canadian Comics

Nels M

Silver and Golden Age dealer

A big time Burroughs fan. Specializing in pre-1980 comic books

Pat C

Longtime collector

Specializing in european comics and graphic novels. 

Dave H


Collector of books, comic books, and related collectibles.

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